Post Development Services

Post Development Services


One of the advantages of Badgideg Corporation for Investment and Real Estate Development is that it provides all facilities and services to its post-sales customers, as the relationship between the company and its customers does not end once properties are delivered to them, but the it continues through:

1 .The existence of a dedicated department for the residential city: Badgideg Real Estate Development Corporation carries out the administrations of residential cities projects that are implemented within the framework of the real estate development activities that it exercises, by establishing dedicated departments aimed at permanently managing residential cities, holding all the rights and privileges in the management of city affairs, In accordance with the laws and regulations issued by the Company and implemented by a distinguished and highly qualified and experienced staff in all aspects of management; In order for the administration to ensure joint work between it and all the beneficiary clients, by submitting proposals and developmental and improvement solutions for the city, in a way that meets the needs and aspirations of the city residents.

2. Implementation of maintenance and works related to the development and improvement of the infrastructure of the residential city: It is known that modern residential cities require the availability and integration of all services and infrastructure facilities (as a basic and essential condition for them); So that customers and beneficiaries of these services enjoy a high-end life style for an appropriate remuneration  to address all the problems of infrastructure services and others that may arise in the city.

The corporation affirms that the infrastructure services are the true criterion for the success of its residential cities projects, which are represented in the periodic and continuous maintenance of the electric power supply, the water network, the sewage network and communication lines, and maintenance of streets, roads, sidewalks, green areas and their lighting, in addition to all of this the management of the residential city Maintains places of worship, recreational places, and all facilities and services related to the city, including health, educational, and other services facilities.

Among the most important services that the residential city administration will provide to the residents of the city are cleaning services, especially with regard to the collection, transportation and disposal of all waste resulting from residential units, and disposing of them in modern ways compatible with the requirements of modern housing, and all the aforementioned works will be carried out by a functional and professional staff, , using in the implementation of his work the best means, and modern and advanced methods.

3. Security services for the residential city: Security and public tranquility constitute an obsession for all customers and beneficiaries of the residential city. Therefore, the Company took it upon itself to provide security for all beneficiaries of the city; The Company has ensured the provision of an integrated security system for the city, including protection fences, security gates and permanent surveillance cameras that cover all city sites, in addition to the security guards deployed throughout the city, all of this so that customers and beneficiaries of the residential city enjoy security and safety in the city. The use of modern technologies in the areas of residential city security has also been taken into consideration.