What are the conditions and terms of the initial reservation ?

The customer must be obliged to pay an a mount of 5000 Saudi Riyals as an initial reservation once the customer desires to have a reservation, such amount will be accounted from the total value of the real estate he or she like to have, if the order of the customer is not approved the amount paid will be refunded within 15 days.

Once the order of the customer is approved, the customer must complete the procedures to sign the sale contract of the real estate within a maximum period of 7 days of the approval of such initial reservation.

Bearing in mind that the order of initial reservation will remain valid legally for a period of 15 days.

In case of expiry of the mentioned period and the customer failed to stick to the time of completing the procedures of the sale contract, thus the amount paid for the initial reservation will be taken in the account of the establishment and will be under its liability.