COB Message

COB Message


Badgideg for Investment and Real Estate Development – as a developer and investor in the field of real estate development – has sought to establish unique real estate projects with advantages and services aimed at meeting real estate needs and creating innovative solutions in the field of housing; The Company seeks to implement self-sufficient real estate projects and model residential cities, and to provide the infrastructure services needed by modern cities that meet the requirements of those seeking to  live in a distinct and unique residential setting.

For the sustainability of real estate investment projects, the company is concerned with creating an integrated development system for the projects it implements. Upon its establishment of the residential city of Khalidiya in the city of Shehir, it focused on establishing a dedicated department to oversee and manage all infrastructure services for the city, and to establish an integrative community relationship with its clients (the beneficiaries of housing in the city). The city, so that these regulations include the organizational aspects between the company and the beneficiaries to obtain housing and services that meet their aspirations to live in an upscale residential environment.

Via the implementation of the vision, mission and goals of the company, on 7/2/2018 AD, the foundation stone for the residential project of the city of Khalidiya was laid in the Shuhair district of the Ghil Bawazir district by the local authority in Hadramout governorate represented by the governor of the governorate, the commander of the second military region, Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bahsani. Its goals in real estate investment and development. After laying the foundation stone, the implementation process of the advanced stages of the Khalidiya City residential project was launched. During this short period from the start of the project, many implementation phases were completed. For villas in the city site.

The Company extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed to the completion of the initial stages of the project, especially the local authority in the governorate and the district, and all the company’s affiliates and employees.

The company calls on the local authority in the governorate to provide all aspects of support and assistance to complete the plans and stages of implementing the Khalidiya City residential project, and urges all its employees to make more effort and tender in order to complete the future stages of the project so that this project becomes a real address for real estate development projects in the governorate and a model to be followed in the future. And motivating the company to present distinct and unique projects in its future plans in the field of investment and real estate development.


Mr , Khaled Omer Badgideg , COB