Excellence and quality in the field of real estate development and investment locally and nationally.



Executing distinguished and high-quality real estate projects that keep pace with modernity in real estate development; And that is through the creation of sustainable residential and commercial communities that meet the requirements and needs of all segments of society.

بيان المهمّة


تسعى مؤسسة بادقيدق جاهدة لتوفير منازل الأحلام، ووسائل عيش فريدة للعملاء.



Badgideg for Investment and Real Estate Development was founded an ambitious vision for investment and real estate development, through the construction of urban communities that comprises an attractive, inspiring and vibrant settings; Since it, since its inception It aimed to establish self-sufficient residential communities that satisfy the requirements and needs of all casts of society. Badgideg for Investment and Real Estate Development is a subsidiary of Badgideg Investment Group, which was established in 2009, Since  then the group has been conducting business in multiple domains, including: real estate development, trade, oil services, general contracting, import and export, air conditioning and refrigeration. The period between 2017 and 2018 was an exceptional period in terms of the company presence, its attractiveness and its leading position in the field of real estate investment and development . And that is through pursuing qualitative real estate investment ventures, in terms of developing lands, and preparing designs, plans and service facilities for them. The company launched with pride in July of 2018 its major residential investment project called the Khalidiya Residential City, in the Sheher area of ​​the Gail Bawazir District, which is a distinctive and unique project in its design and facilities, taking into account the aesthetic aspects and the geographical importance of the project location, and the quality of residential units ; With the aim of fulfilling the desires of those looking for calm and upscale housing.


COB Message

Badgideg Corporation for Investment and Real Estate Development – as a developer and investor in the field of real estate development – has sought to establish unique real estate projects with advantages and services aimed at meeting real estate needs and creating innovative solutions and treatments in the field of housing and commercial housing; The Foundation seeks to implement integrated real estate projects, model residential cities planning and design, and to provide all infrastructure services for modern cities that meet the requirements of those seeking to live and live in a distinct and unique residential environment.